Beerd on Fleek – Beard and Mustache Extravaganza




Rocking a face sweater? Got some dashing handlebars? Get confused for being Wyatt Earp? It’s time again for Commonwealth’s annual beard and mustache extravaganza. Prizes will be awarded to the best in the following catagories:
– Best Porn Stasch
– Best Partial Hair (Goatee, Fu Manchu, Porkchops)
– Fullest / Burliest Beard
– Hipster Style Head to Toe
– Freestyle (where the wild, unique and serious beard enthusiest can play.)

Registration begins at 1 p.m. and judging will start at 3 p.m. Winners in each class will compete for Best in Show! Prize baskets will be provided by Vintage Barber Co. and Commonwealth Brewing Co.

There will also be a merchandise table with everything one needs for looking dapper and Vintage Barber Co. providing advice throughout the day on how to keep your whiskers in tip-top shape!

Cultivate your best facial hair, enjoy a craft beer and get your dapper on! See your hairy mugs there!!